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Purchase or top up WyeSoft VIP Membership:

4 weeks
3.99 (GBP)

≈4 (EUR)
≈$5 (USD)
12 weeks
9.99 (GBP)

≈11 (EUR)
≈$12 (USD)
24 weeks
17.99 (GBP)

≈19 (EUR)
≈$22 (USD)
29.99 (GBP)

≈32 (EUR)
≈$37 (USD)



WyeSoft's VIP Membership gives you the following rewards on WyeSoft game servers:

  • Basic administrator powers, including the following abilities:
    • Kick rule-breakers (all servers)
    • Ban persistant or major rule-breakers (all servers)
    • Gag/mute spammers (all MTA and Source servers)
    • Slap/slay minor rule-breakers (all Source servers)
    • Restart/change map if required (all Source servers)
  • Reserved slot access and/or ability to manually kick someone to make room (all servers)

  • Multi Theft Auto: DayZ server rewards:
    • Choose a house or building to be your own lockable base for tents (click here for the guide)
    • Summon a BMX to your location once every 6 hours of time spent in-game (say /BMX or /BIKE)
    • Spawn with a tactical insertion (allows you to set the location of your next spawn)
    • Spawn with an assault pack (12 slots), a map and an M1911 with 3 magazines
    • Spawn with a keycard for the Las Venturas City Planning Department building (military loot hub)
    • Spawn with a spray can (allows you to spray tags on surfaces and customise the colour of some vehicles with /CL r g b)
    • Spawn with a Walkman (play tapes without needing to be in a vehicle)
    • Use the brass knuckles melee weapon as much as you like, without breaking them
    • Choose from a list of spawn skins (say /VIPSKIN)
    • Access to Limbo, the admin hangout (say /LIMBO for the coordinates of the hidden entrances)
    • Several permanent VIP upgrades are available for purchase with shop points (say /VUP)
  • Multi Theft Auto: WyeSoft Battlegrounds server rewards:
    • Spawn with a Garage Remote, which can open several garages around the map containing vehicles
    • Spawn with a Walkman (play tapes without needing to be in a vehicle)
    • Gain access to a selection of extra spawn skins and special CJ clothes
    • Chance to receive skins from Loot Crates increased from 10% to 20%
    • Double vote power for preferred time and weather
    • Gain an extra 50% of normal running speed on your lobby speed boost
    • Customise the colour of some vehicles (say /CL r g b)
  • Multi Theft Auto: Freeroam server rewards:
    • Bot limit increased from 5 to 20
    • Change to parallel dimensions (say /DIM n) and warp your friends in (via the admin menu)
    • Change your respawn location (say /SETSPAWN)
  • Garry's Mod: Trouble in Terrorist Town server rewards:
    • Get your Random Gun shop items for free
    • Get your Traitor Rounds, Detective Rounds and Double XP Rounds at half their usual price
    • Purchase more than one Detective Round per map (limit to number of players purchasing in the same round still applies)
    • Play the "dirka dirka" taunt (right-click while holstered) or the evil laugh taunt (reload while holstered) at any time
  • Garry's Mod: Cinema server rewards:
    • Access to VIP screen 7
    • Access to VIP viewing areas for public screens 5 and 6
    • Queue/skip vote priority
    • Choose from a selection of player skins (say !VIPSKINS)
    • Boost speed increased by an extra 50% of normal speed
    • Teleport to any screen (say !SCREEN n) or to your friends (say !GOTO name)
    • Set your spawn location (say !SET) and return to it at any time (say !RET)

If you are under 16 you need to ask an admin for permission before purchasing VIP Membership.


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