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Press the Activate Scorestreak bind to activate "Hotkey Shift", and then press one of the following binds:

Sprint   Display information such as GUID, map stats, bank balance and total score
Jump   Spawn Double Points power-up (VIP-only; 2 per game)
Change Stance   Spawn Nuke power-up (VIP-only; 1 per game)
Use   Spawn Max Ammo power-up (VIP-only; 1 per game)


Chat Commands

Enter the following commands in the text chat:

/MAP ConfigName   Force instant map change (must be a VIP Member or alone on the server)
/VOTEMAP ConfigName   Vote for map change
/MAPS   List config names

/STATS   Display high round and high score records for current map, and bank balance if the map has a bank
/SCORE   Display current points and total score for current game

/WHERE   Display current locations of all players
/BUS   Display current location of bus on Tranzit

/WEAP   Display weapon ID of weapon currently in hand
/WEAPS   Display weapon IDs of all weapons in inventory
/DROP WeaponID   Remove unwanted weapon from inventory (weapon is destroyed)
/DROPPERK PerkCode   Remove unwanted perk

      PerkCode can be any of the following:
      Deadshot Daiquiri: DS | DE | DD
      Double Tap II Root Beer: DT | DO
      Electric Cherry: EC | EL
      Jugger-Nog: JU | JN
      Mule Kick (including Persistent Mule Kick): MK | MU
      Quick Revive: QR | QU
      Speed Cola: SC | SP
      Stamin-Up: ST | SU
      Vulture-Aid: VA | VU

/2X   Spawn Double Points power-up (VIP-only; 2 per game)
/NUKE   Spawn Nuke power-up (VIP-only; 1 per game)
/MAX   Spawn Max Ammo power-up (VIP-only; 1 per game)

/KICK PlayerName   Kick player (VIP-only)
/BAN PlayerName [Time [Units [Reason]]]   Ban player (VIP-only)

      PlayerName can be a partial name. In the case of bans, it must be only one word.

      TimeUnits can be any of the following:
      N ≡ minutes
      H ≡ hours
      D ≡ days
      W ≡ weeks
      M ≡ months (admin-only; VIP bans are limited to 1 week)

      Ban Examples:
      /BAN JAMES   Ban James for 1 hour (defaults to 1 hour if time and units are omitted)
      /BAN LARS 30   Ban Lars for 30 minutes (units default to minutes if time is entered but units are not)
      /BAN KIRK 2 D   Ban Kirk for 2 days
      /BAN ROB 1 W TROLLING AND INSULTS   Ban Rob for 1 week, stating reason


Server Controls


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