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The MTA Special package consists of voucher codes for the following:

1 X Unlimited VIP Membership
4 X 2000 MTA:DayZ Shop Points
1 X Bonus Game (see list)

49.99 (GBP)
≈57 (EUR)
≈$60 (USD)


You must be at least 18 years old to purchase the MTA Special package. The voucher for Unlimited VIP Membership can only be redeemed by someone that is at least 16 years old, or someone that has obtained permission to use it from a WyeSoft admin.

Once purchased, all of the voucher codes will be sent to the email address associated with your WSID.

The bonus games are redeemable via Steam, so you will need a Steam account to receive them. For some of the games, you will be given a serial key to enter into Steam. Others will be sent via Steam's gift system. The bonus games have to be given out manually by WyeSoft staff, so you may have to wait several hours to receive yours.


Purchase MTA Special

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