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  1. No "hacking" or cheating in any way - Instant Permanent Ban (no warnings)
  2. No racism or prejudice towards any nationality or religion - Instant Permanent Ban (no warnings)
  3. Occasional swearing is allowed but no abuse towards other players - 1. Warning; 2. Kick; 3. Ban
  4. No trapping players by blocking their paths or welding doors - 1. Warning; 2. Kick; 3. Ban
  5. If someone dies and you take their weapon, give it back when they respawn - 1. Warning; 2. Kick
  6. Heal other players when they need it; don't just waste your healing on yourself
  7. No begging for money - 1-2. Warning; 3. Kick; 4. Ban
  8. English only - 1-2. Warning; 3. Kick; 4. Ban
  9. No spamming the voice chat or text chat - 1-2. Warning; 3. Kick; 4. Ban
  10. Using speakers with a mic causes feedback and is considered spamming
  11. Singing, humming, whistling, using voice changers, etc. on voice chat is considered spamming
  12. No whining or accusing other players of breaking the rules when they're not - 1-2. Warning; 3. Kick; 4. Ban
  13. No advertising - 1. Kick; 2. Ban
  14. No trolling in any other form - 1. Warning; 2. Kick; 3. Ban
  15. If you cause the server to lag you may be kicked
  16. If the server is full, you may be kicked to make room for VIP Members


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