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24/7 Servers

These servers are running constantly.

GameServer NameIP:PortRulesReport Down
Multi Theft Auto: San AndreasGTA:SA DayZ Version [UK] | WyeSoft | Interiors |
VIP Houses | Levelling/RPG System (Optional) Down
Multi Theft Auto: San AndreasWyeSoft Battlegrounds | PUBG-inspired Battle Royale,
built on MTA:DayZ | Work In Progress Down
Multi Theft Auto: San AndreasWyeSoft | Freeroam | Bots | HEdit | Safe Zones |
Drift | Stunts | Cinema | Derby | Time Trial Down
Garry's ModWyeSoft | TTT | 1-Hit Knife | Jihad | UK | FastDL91.121.79.11:27016RulesReport Down
Garry's ModWyeSoft | Cinema | 8 Screens | Minigames | UK | FastDL91.121.79.11:27015RulesReport Down
Vampire SlayerWyeSoft | VS | All Maps | Bots91.121.77.140:27017RulesReport Down
ZandronumWyeSoft | Cooperative / Invasion | Randomised WAD Cycle | Current WAD set: ... Down
ZandronumWyeSoft | Deathmatch | LonerBot | Randomised WAD Cycle | Current WAD set: ... Down
ZandronumWyeSoft | Who Dun It | 30 Maps | Voice Chat: Down
TradeWars 2002WyeSoft *Report Down

* The IP addresses of these servers change regularly, so it's best to connect using the hostname.


On-Demand Servers

These servers are turned off most of the time, but can be started up at any time, by anyone with a WSID.

GameServer NameIP:PortRulesStart Server
Age of ChivalryWyeSoft | AoC | No FF | Stats | DmgShow91.121.79.11:27017RulesLog in
Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareWyeSoft | Hardcore Team Deathmatch in
Codename CUREWyeSoft | Bomb Escape | Variable Difficulty | No FF91.121.79.11:27019RulesLog in
ContagionWyeSoft | All Game *RulesLog in
Counter-Strike: SourceWyeSoft | GunGame Deathmatch | Kill Assists91.121.77.140:27015RulesLog in
Don't Starve TogetherWyeSoft | Survival91.121.79.11:11000RulesLog in
Garry's ModWyeSoft | Prop Hunt | Limited Noobtube | UK | FastDL91.121.79.11:27024RulesLog in
Garry's ModWyeSoft | Private Sandbox Server * in
Killing FloorWyeSoft | Variable Settings | Standard & Custom Maps91.121.79.11:7707RulesLog in
Killing Floor 2WyeSoft | Variable *RulesLog in
Left 4 Dead 2WyeSoft | Semi-Private Server | Any Mode (check sticky) in
No More Room in HellWyeSoft | Classic | No FF91.121.79.11:27021RulesLog in
Sven Co-opWyeSoft | All HL1 and Sven Co-op *RulesLog in
SynergyWyeSoft | All HL2 and Synergy Maps91.121.77.140:27016RulesLog in
Trouble In The *
TCP:12567 UDP:12568
RulesLog in
Zombie Panic! SourceWyeSoft | Custom Maps | Pills Cure | Stats91.121.79.11:27018RulesLog in

* To connect to the Garry's Mod Sandbox server, non-VIP Members need to enter the password, brasil. VIP Members can enter any password.
* The IP addresses of these servers change regularly, so it's best to connect using the hostname, via the console, favourites list, etc. For Half-Life/Source mods, enter CONNECT address in the console.


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